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Optimistic Qualitative and Subjective Analysis for Welfare of Mankind and its Implementation through Networking among the Humans which remind you Angels of Divine.

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Collection of Books by various Authors for reading online along with PDF Copies to download. Authors who have worked on similar agenda can include their Books here.

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Articles & Reviews
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Articles written by different Authors and Team Members on different Topics with PDF Copies to download. Authors who have worked on similar agenda can include their Articles here.

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Photos/Wallpaper Gallery
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All Photos related with different categories, Activities Photos, Personalities Photos, Quotations from authentic books. Photos are integrated here.

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Our Forum will answer your questions as well as able you to  question about any related topic. You can use reference of previous discussion to others saving your precious time.

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Lectures & Training
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Video Lectures & Trainings by Researchers & Mobilizes are provided for complete understanding and convincing minds and hearts. Videos also available on CDs and DVDs.

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News about Activities , Books , Articles and Events can be found here. You can Subscribe for the Newsletter to get in touch through your email. To Get it in Mobile SMS Service is also available.

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Organization Structure
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Details of Goals & Objectives, Vision & Mission, Departments, Management , Membership procedure ,Credibility , are given here.

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Blog contains short quotes, Jobs opportunities , Poking messages , Earning Opportunities  updated regularly by our team.

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Activities & Projects
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Details of Activities & Projects such as support for blood  ,health & jobs; education, Research, Graphics Designing, online promotion ,Email Marketing .Research, Libraries, Videos Preparation, Submit Project etc 

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Put your remarks here about your opinion after having a detail view on various aspects of our work. Your remarks will be highly appreciated.

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Want to Contact Us about any error , Activities, Membership, Departments, Free Material,  or any thing else. Get Projects to contribute and get Login details also.

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Our Focus
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We are focusing on combined knowledge from many thousands of hours of Research and Writings of the most effective and Valuable personalities and their valuable work has made us enable to have an eye for looking forward to the destinations which are far looking at this time. The purpose to combine Conscious levels together is to put our knowledge to good use formulating 'solutions to the world's  toughest problems'. We Welcome all those who are working on same Agenda or have material of any Author or even Reference so that we can collect that to be included here..Also we are combining Vision with Action in such a way that a revolution of minds and spirits could take place. Manpower with revolution within them will be able to cause revolution in Economics , Politics, Society, Judiciary , Health, Science , Religion and other fields of life. We can not make this world a heaven but if this world is not  providing a desired environment for the preparation of after life then there is no heaven there.